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Knitted Beanie blue/red/grey

The pillows belong to a capsule collection called  "Graphic Collection"  thoughtfully designed and made in our studio. Every single pillow is produced as a unique piece (or very few items).The choice of a small production is in harmony with the brand’s philosophy of a responsible manufacturing, in this way we can guarantee to the consumer the originality of the product and we can avoid an unwarranted stock of items.
The pillows are realized using a hand domestic knitting machine. The pattern is originally designed and then transferred in a punched card, in accordance with the jacquard technique. The sewing process is realized entirely by hand, and the edge of the pillow cover is hand crocheted with a 2.5mm hook. A lot of manual work goes into every item we made, our clients know how special it is to buy a 100% handmade and long-lasting product. The pillow covers present an open side with buttons to insert the pillow. The buttons are production leftovers, in this way we reinforce the sustainability of the product and we limit the supplies waste. The products are made of 70% merino wool and 30% acrylic.

This item exist in other colors, and can be produced on order. Please, contact seller for more informations.

20x22 cm

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